Launching Melissa Takes Fashion

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The idea behind Melissa Takes Fashion has been cooking for awhile. You see, as much as I’m around a camera (which is basically every day, because I’m a professional photographer), it’s not often the lens is turned around on me. After giving birth to my third bébé five months ago – and realizing that despite long days and even longer nights, I never once stopped my daily morning routine of hair and makeup – I decided to create a blog devoted to cultivating ‘modern day momma style’.

Often this blog is going to be about family, sometimes it’s about mom style or my beloved Chicago or my hair (I’m kinda obsessed), and often it’s just about life with kids and how you (and me) can make every single day, better. It’s simple, it’s honest and hopefully no matter what, a little sweet.

So that’s the skinny of it. You can read more about me (and other fun facts) right here. I’d love to hear what else you would like to see on the blog. And stay tuned – next week I’ll be featuring a special Instagram giveaway to my followers!

xo, Melissa

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