5 Easy Tips to Transition Your Summer Dress to Fall

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Can you believe it’s already the second week of September? I don’t know if it’s because of having a new babe in the household, but this summer seemed to fly by extra fast. I’ve always loved dresses (see this post here), and this summer I’ve basically lived in one almost everyday. (Except for those times when I’m trying to keep you guys on your toes, like by wearing shorts or jeans!!)

Here I am wearing two of my favorite summer dresses, and then showing how they can be transitioned for fall. Before. After. Boom. Living in Chi-town, you can sure bet that I’m gonna stretch the life out of these summer babies for as long as I can! Here are five easy tips to take your summer dress (or any other summer favorite) into fall:

1. Add a layer. Jackets, vests, trenches, sweaters, and repeat.
2. Swap open toes for booties. When in doubt, add ankle booties. Bonus points if it has fringe!
3. Embrace denim. Tie that jean jacket around your waist! Drape it over the shoulder!
4. Reach for the summer dresses that have richer tones. I’m particularly lusting over wine, navy and hunter green this season. If you want to be non-traditional and wear your white dress after Labor Day, go for it – see tip 5!
5. Pair with cozy accessories and textures. Blanket scarves, anyone? All your whites will start looking fall appropriate if you pair with textures and accessories that sing of apple picking and pumpkin chai lattes.

Hope this inspires you to think outside the box and remix some of your old favorites in new ways!

xo, Melissa

Look 1: Before

Look 1: After

Look 2: Before

Look 2: After

What I Wore-

Red dress-Urban Outfitters

Denim jacket (old, but similar here)

Blanker scarf-Shein

Boots (old, but similar here)

Romper-Forever 21