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Back to School

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Pausing life to indulge in a #mommoment over here. Roman’s first day of back-to-school was yesterday and needless to say I might have gotten a wee bit choked up – my firstborn is heading back to school for the second year! I swear, he’s growing up in the blink of an eye. This year, Roman’s class is almost all boys, just the way he likes it, wild and crazy!

I’ve had quite a few questions about how I manage to maintain my former identity (i.e. woman) with three little ones. Once you have children and are in constant mom-mode (you know, keeping alive your very own little humans), it’s easy to forget about yourself. I’ve found that it helps to pause, and ask yourself, what makes you feel good? Is it eating well? Going for a run? Finding time to have a glass of wine with your girlfriends or go on Date Night?

For me, it’s as simple as starting each day with doing my hair and makeup and putting on a curated outfit. Having a little creative ‘me time’ sets the tone for my day before I head out the door and allows me to feel like myself – feminine, fresh and ready for fun! In my hot mom wheels with sliding doors, of course, a.k.a. stacked Toyota Sienna minivan. Off to preschool we go!

How was your back-to-school? 

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Boots (old, but similar here)

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