Labor Daying In Fashion

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How was everyone’s Labor Day weekend?  We spent the day yesterday trainspotting and installing the boys’ bunk bed.  Super hot day but there was a slight breeze which helped and perfect for this high low dress!  I love this dress so much I bought them in both colors.  As you all know, I love high low dress that flows!  Bonus that it’s super soft, too!

Let’s talk hair for a second, OMG, I’ve been shedding like a German shepherd shedding their winter coat!  It’s everywhere!  I see it most around the hairline so it’s making me look like my hair is receding!!  Do you ladies have any home remedies to make. it stop?!!?  I know this is my third child but it doesn’t make it less alarming seeing that much hair loss.  Crazy!

What I Wore-

Dress-BB Dakota dress from Lulu’s.

Shoes from a store in Singapore.

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