Silky, Airy, and Reasonably Priced!

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Another dress to help hide that postpartum baby pudge! Score! This dress is so light and feminine. It’s so versatile that you can wear it during the day or for date night! Since we don’t have a whole lot of date nights, I wear it during the day. It’s so light, just walking makes it flowy and I LOVE any dress that flows.  Oh and the cost!! You can’t beat it! Link to that on the bottom of this page.  I love pairing this dress with my nude colored heels because it elongates my legs (though I love my petite frame) and not give me that pudgy look.  So you can STILL enjoy beautiful dresses and tight jeans like I stated in my previous post here post baby and not have to feel like you have to sacrifice fashion.  You just have to find what works for you and your body type.  Keep on following me because I’ll have a post soon devoted to hiding that pudge and still be a fashionista!


What I Wore-

Green silk dress-Zara

Nude colored sandals-Steve Madden

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