That 70’s Look

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If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve read that I’ve enlisted my friend Tran to help take these photos this past weekend. I was shooting a boudoir marathon I was hosting and it was a gloomy and wet day so I wanted to be comfortable.  These jeans!  Oh my!!  They’re not only super comfortable (i.e not having to pull them up every 10 seconds and not having to worry about rocking a plumbers crack), they did a fantastic job hiding my muffin top!  Score!  Btw, the Giant totally made fun of these jeans.  He said and I quote “Why are you wearing granny jeans?  You’re going to regret that look next year.”  Pfffst!  What does he know about women fashion and trend!  Humph!

What are your thoughts on the 70’s making a comeback in the fashion world?  Are you as excited about it as I am?

Btw, I am fully aware I have to come up with new poses!  Ugh, I suck at this modeling thing!


What I Wore-

Cold shoulder top-Forever 21

High-waisted denim-Forever 21


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