Not Your Typical Sweater Weather Inspo Post

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PSA: This isn’t going to be your usual blogger sweater weather post. You won’t see too many cable knits and turtlenecks around here on Melissa Takes Fashion, but keep up with me and there WILL be lots of color and unexpected silhouettes (like the ones above) this coming winter season. You will think this sounds crazy – since I live in the Chicago tundra – but I hardly wear sweaters in the winter. Is your mind blown? Anyone else bored by sweaters? I prefer to keep warm by layering cute outerwear like blazers (ironically, this is the most Googled fashion item by Illinois residents), and cozy accessories like blanket scarves.

When I do don a sweater, though, I have a few criteria.

1. Wear what I call a “statement sweater.” You know, sweaters that crop it like it’s hot, how hi-lo can you go, and those that are business in the front, party in the back.
2. It must be comfortable – not too thick, and definitely not itchy. Then have fun with layering!
3. Wear color. Reach for a sweater that is not black, white, blush, or gray.
4. Throw on a statement necklace to fancy it up.

Go ahead, make it loud, make it proud – and wear those statement sweaters like you mean it. Happy (make a statement) sweater weather!