The 12 Best Holiday Party Dresses

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I’m so excited for the holidays – especially dressing for the occasion, and holidays provide the best opportunities for this. From festivities at work to those with family and friends, there are a million excuses to get dressed up! (Not like I need any excuse on a normal day, but for parties, I do like to amp up the glam factor. WAAAAY up!) If I’ve learned anything in the past about dressing for the holidays, it’s that you need to start planning and shopping early, or all the best pieces are gone. Once Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday parties start happening in early December (I’m not mad about this!).

This season I’m loving laces dresses that are anything but matronly, like this red HAWT lace number or this romantic floral lace. To sparkle all night, how about a gold sequin dress or this silver metallic high-shine halter dress? If you’re feeling demure but still want to make a statement, try this sculpted hi-low hem beauty. Check out my top 12 festive frocks at all different price points!

What will you be wearing this holiday season?


Peplum+Skinny Jeans=Small Waist!

black peplum top skinny jeans patent leather maryjanes

Was everyone ready for this past weekend’s first Chicago snow? We weren’t! Our family holiday session was this past Saturday. Originally it was supposed to be shot outdoors, and it got changed super last minute to indoors because of the snow. Normally, I’m all about the gorgeous snow to use as a backdrop but since we have three kids, and one is just eight months, outside in the blowing snow was just a bad idea. We rented a loft in the city the day before for the shoot and on the day off, after my hair and makeup had been done, we decided to cancel the shoot because the roads were just so slick. Cars were slipping and sliding like crazy. It wasn’t worth the risk. It all worked out though because we rescheduled our shoot to the following morning. Whew! Crazy weekend but it all worked out. I’ve already shared some teasers on my IG, can’t wait to show you guys more!

black peplum top skinny jeans patent leather maryjanesBoys-2015-290black peplum top skinny jeans patent leather maryjanesblack peplum top skinny jeans patent leather maryjanes

Solo Parenting With Three Kids!

purple wrap dress fringe minnetonka boots

The Giant went on a last minute trip to Charlotte, North Carolina for work for three days, so it’s me alone with three boys. We’re on Day 2. Yes, it’s beyond exhausting. I ran out of coffee this morning and inside I was screaming “NOOOO!!!!” I’m usually off duty the second the Giant walks into the house from work so having to feed them dinner and do all of their night time routine is kind of foreign because I haven’t done those in years. Little G was giving me instructions during their bath on what their usual routines are with the Giant. Lol. The Giant comes home tomorrow night and believe me when I say I’ll be running to him open arms.

purple wrap dress fringe minnetonka bootspurple wrap dress fringe minnetonka boots

Holiday Gift Guide: Microfashion for the Littles

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Shopping for your child or your niece/nephew/friend’s kid used to mean a quick trip to the mall. Not anymore! Kids these days are way cooler than we used to be, and with e-commerce at our hands we now have one-click access to designs, brands and shops that are a lot more haute couture than Target (don’t get me wrong, I do love me some Tar-jay!).

Shopping for a high tops-obsessed tike? How about these cool kicks by Supra? Or perhaps you have a budding fashionista on your hands who would love a faux fur J. Crew coat? Got a little fella who would look dapper in a blazer? (I couldn’t resist buying this adorable Zara knit blazer for Roman to wear for our family photo shoot next week.) If you’re still on the hunt for that too-cool-for-school mini #ootd, then I have you covered. While they may be the cool kids, some of these have me wishing they came in my size!

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