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Solo Parenting With Three Kids!

purple wrap dress fringe minnetonka bootspinthis

The Giant went on a last minute trip to Charlotte, North Carolina for work for three days, so it’s me alone with three boys. We’re on Day 2. Yes, it’s beyond exhausting. I ran out of coffee this morning and inside I was screaming “NOOOO!!!!” I’m usually off duty the second the Giant walks into the house from work so having to feed them dinner and do all of their night time routine is kind of foreign because I haven’t done those in years. Little G was giving me instructions during their bath on what their usual routines are with the Giant. Lol. The Giant comes home tomorrow night and believe me when I say I’ll be running to him open arms.

purple wrap dress fringe minnetonka bootspinthispurple wrap dress fringe minnetonka bootspinthis

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