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A White Castle Valentine’s Day

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The Giant and I have been together for 10 years. Never once have we celebrated Valentine’s Day. We’re just not the type. We feel like it’s a day that should be celebrated everyday. This past Friday, the Giant added an event to our shared iCal that said Valentine’s Day dinner with kids. Needless to say, I was very puzzled. So the day of, I didn’t know what to expect. I asked if I should get dressed up and he said no. I was out that morning and when I got home, the Giant was dressed in a pink dress shirt. I laughed and demanded to know what was he REALLY up to! As we were driving to this surprised location, the Giant drove into the parking lot to this hibachi restaurant to throw me off. I was even more puzzled when he drove away from it. That’s when the Giant flip on the camera and aimed it at me. The fact that he turned on the camera also surprised me because seconds prior, I was taking a video of the kids when the Giant grabbed the phone from me. So between him driving away from the restaurant to him grabbing the phone from my hand was totally throwing me off. Well, the rest you can see on this video.

If you think I was shocked from this video, when we walked inside White Castle, I was MORE shocked because the place was decked out wall to wall with Valentine’s Day decor and a guy asked if I had reservations. I immediately exclaimed “There’s reservation? Do we have reservations??”  The Giant was in tears from laughing and said “Of course!”. There was a step and repeat backdrop for pictures, a red carpet, tables decorated, menus, and servers taking orders (this is a fast food joint in case you don’t know what’s White Castle). I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even place my order. Little did I know White Castle has been doing this Valentine’s Day special for 25 years! Who knew! It was very, very cheesy but it was very, very romantic at the same time. Definitely a Valentine’s Day I’ll never forget. Shortly after we got there, the restaurant was filling up with patrons of all walks of life. Old, young, families, I even spotted a couple that got super dressed up for the occasion.

Needless to say, I will never forget this day and this may be our new tradition. Who knew Valentine’s Day can be this cheesy fun! The Giant earned some major brownie points. We couldn’t stop laughing all evening. Totally did NOT see this one coming and I’m one hard person to surprise too! I’ve surprised the Giant many, MANY times over the years and he single handedly beat me with this one. He was laughing when he said to me at the restaurant through tears of laughter, “Go big or go home!!”

Sorry for the iPhone quality pictures below. The Giant told me to bring my camera, which I did, but I was so thrown off from laughing so hard in the parking lot I totally left the camera in the car.

white castle valentine's daywhite castle valentine's daywhite castle valentine's daywhite castle valentine's daywhite castle valentine's day

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