There’s Never Too Many Off-The-Shoulder Anything

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I’ve always love off the shoulder tops. My only wish that it doesn’t keep creeping up on me. Lol. If you wear them, you’ll know what I mean. Some of them at made to stay. Like the ones that are more like tube tops with short sleeves. Most of them will rise. Yes I love, love, love the look but it’s quite annoying with kids. Oh well, that’s fashion for ya! I don’t mind suffering for it.

What are you all doing this Memorial Day weekend? I’ll be working so make me jealous!

petite mom mommy fashion bloggerpetite mom mommy fashion bloggerpetite mom mommy fashion bloggerpetite mom mommy fashion bloggerpetite mom mommy fashion blogger

Tulip Field And Festival In The Midwest

midwest tulip field and festival

I’ve always wanted to visit a tulip farm or any type of flower farm. There really isn’t much in Illinois that I’m aware of. When I found out about this tulip fest, I knew we had to go. We decided (more like I’m the one that made that decision) that morning we were going. It was a few days after the Giant’s LASIK eye surgery so I wasn’t sure how the Giant baby was going to heal. He did fine, even though he whined and whined about it like he had open heart surgery. We drove four hours each way to Michigan to Windmill Island Gardens for their tulip fest. Much to my disappointment, even though it was the second week of their two week festival, most of the tulips were dead. So was it worth the eight hour round trip drive with three kids and a big baby in tow? Absolutely not. But the kids had fun. The Giant, well, he whined the entire day about it. Men!

midwest tulip field and festivalmidwest tulip field and festivalmidwest tulip field and festival

windmill island gardens tulip festivalwindmill island gardens tulip festival

tulip festival in the midwest

Fields And Fields Of Wild Flowers In Illinois

field of wild flowers in illinois

I know I’ve been bombarding your newsfeed with photos of me in spring blossoms here in the suburbs of Chicago. There’s not a whole lot around me besides forest preserves and lots of greenery. So for what it lacks, it makes up with lots of spring blooms. Lately, it seems like everywhere we go has been a photo opportunity and I’m soooo taking advantage of it. I wanted all the kids to be in these photos but the stems were very prickly. Boo!


I’m sure you guys noticed by now but I shop a lot at Tobi. It’s fast fashion at such a great cost for someone that shops as much as I do. I love this super, super soft double tier dress. You can shop for this dress here. Check out some of the new season with these Tobi favorites: Dresses, Booties, High Waisted Jeans, and more! The best part,┬ánew customers get 50% off their first order!!!


field of wild flowers in illinoisfield of wild flowers in illinoisfield of wild flowers in illinoisfield of wild flowers in illinoisfield of wild flowers in illinois

Make A Wish

blowing dandelion seeds

Blowing dandelion seeds gets me nostalgic. Reminds me so much of my childhood. I tried my best to photograph ALL the kids blowing them but it was just now possible. I just wanted to pop in a say hi really quick. This is the only time today I’ll be able to blog because I’m working an event tonight. Hope you’re all enjoying this gorgeous Thursday and have a fantastic weekend!

petite fashion bloggerpetite fashion bloggerblowing dandelion seedsblowing dandelion seeds

kid blowing dandelion seedskid blowing dandelion seedskid blowing dandelion seeds