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Greetings from Hawaii! We’ve been sooooooooo, so, so busy here these past few days so I’ve been slacking on IG and blogging. Still settling in with our shopping needs around the house and getting out every day to enjoy the sites. It’s been truly amazing and I feel so blessed to be given such an amazing opportunity to stay at my friend’s house for an entire month while she’s away. The kids are LOVING it here. They love swimming in here gorgeous pool multiple times a day and my mom and dad are just in awe with the beauty surrounding Maui. We’re only four days in and I feel like I want to go out as much as possible as if it’s our last few days here. I don’t want to waste a single minute here. For the next month, I’ll be blogging about my experience with the activities we’ve been doing on the island. Can’t wait to show you all! Aloha!top fashion blogger in chicago

Summer Time Splash At The Splash Pads

We made it here in Hawaii in one piece…more like second. Lol. My mom and dad came with us as well so it was seven of us total. My poor mom and dad got motion sickness so they spent most of their 10 hour flight to Maui up chucking into a blue United puke bag. I felt so bad. The kids did SO WELL! Any parents, doesn’t matter what age their kids are, gets super nervous when traveling with them because it’s a long flight for adults. Imagine kids! Rhys cried for a minute when I woke him to move him. Aside from that, they all did super! We’re settling in right now, slowly. Thankfully, with the five hour time difference, and today being day one, there was no jet lag! Woo hoo! That’s it for now. Talk soon!

mom with boys at splash pads


mom with boys at splash padsmom with boys at splash padsmom body bod after three kids swimsuitmom with boys at splash pads

Content Wanted

Ok, ladies and gentlemen. What would you like for me to blog about or post more on IG? More family photos? Kids fashion? Less family? Less fashion? Food? I would like for this blog to be more enjoyable for you all to read. I’m not much of a writer so most of the time I have the hardest time coming up with things to write. It’s weird because when you meet me in person, I’m a chatterbox and will talk your ears off. But when it comes to blogging, I get major writers block. Please, help this Momma out!


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