Ulalena Maui Lahaina Review


ulalena maui lahaina review

This was my family’s first show together so needless to say, we were quite excited about it. The Maui theatre is tucked into a plaza just behind the famous Front Street in Lahaina. Ulalena is billed as an authentic Hawaiian story about the island of Maui and its people. It features beautiful choreography and singing with a little twist of Cirque du Soleil. You can learn more about this shot here. Besides being a nice break from the sun and heat, the show is kid friendly as well.  That’s always nice because we struggled finding indoor activites for the kids on Maui.  We arrived 10 minutes late (check-in is usually 30 mins before the show) so we had to wait at the top of the stairs until they finished the beginning number. It was perfect because as the dancers exited the stage, the kids got to see the sea creatures “swim” right past them!  Once seated, all three kids had their eyes glued to the stage for the rest of the show.  Each had their favorite scene they talked about on the car ride home to Kihei.  Roman was in awe when a curtain flew over our heads and over the entire theatre. Rhys enjoyed a confetti drop at the end.  And my parents?  They were quite excited about meeting the actors after the show. I don’t think they were ever greeted by actors before so that was a pleasant surprise for them.  This is definitely a must-do when in Maui, especially if you are travelling with children.


ulalena maui lahaina review

ulalena maui lahaina reviewulalena maui lahaina reviewulalena maui lahaina reviewulalena maui lahaina reviewulalena maui lahaina reviewulalena maui lahaina reviewulalena maui lahaina reviewulalena maui lahaina reviewulalena maui lahaina reviewulalena maui lahaina review

Splashing Into Summer Tips

buffalo grove Spray ‘N Play

Summer is officially HERE! My favorite season. You’d think living in the midwest my entire life I’d grown to love the four seasons. Nope! Summer, summer, summer. I love taking my boys to the splash pads. At least three times a week when I’m feeling lazy. Splash pads are SO EASY when you have small kids because you don’t have to worry about anyone drowning! You can sit back, relax, and watch them play. I love going there equally as much as my boys. So how do I pack for the splash pad or pools? I have one back pack, one towel (no way I’m bringing towels for EVERYONE), sunscreen, and sometimes pool toys. The boys will carry their toys and Roman would carry his backpack with dry clothes and what not. I carry just Cole. I’m putting my kids to work. I’m NOT one of those moms I see schlepping all the pool stuff around while the kids run free. I want it to be enjoyable for ME too! It’s bad enough you have to bring all those things with you and carrying a baby on top of that makes it twice as hard. So moms, put your kids to work! I see waaaaay too many parents getting stressed out carrying everything and not putting their kids to work. Roman enjoys helping me out and being the one in charge of the backpack. At the end of the day when we’re changed into our dry clothes, I place all the dry clothes into the wet towel and place everything into the backpack. Follow these tips and you’ll learn to have just as much fun as your kids!

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The ONE Product This Mom Can’t Live Without!

mom fashion blogger

mom fashion bloggermom fashion bloggermom fashion bloggermom fashion blogger

mom fashion bloggerYup! It’s the Black+Decker dustbuster!! I can’t, can’t, can’t live without this. It’s like it’s the kids’ full-time job is to make a mess and to make sure they leave a trail of crumbs EVERYWHERE! I HATE crumbs more than anything. Without this dusterbuster, I will probably sweep 20x a day. Thankfully, this beast makes my life sooo much easier! The dustbuster I’ve grown up with loses it’s juice after a very short life. This one here keeps going and going. Two and a half years and counting. So ladies and gentlemen, go out and buy this! I’ve included the link below on where to buy!



When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

As summer draws to an official end next week, I am left with all the delicious memories the boys and I made in the sun these last few months. We spent as much time as possible outdoors – train-spotting, water parks, amusement parks, Maggie Daley Park in the big city on repeat, just to name a few. There’s a saying we have around here: Chicago has two seasons, winter and construction. (#Truth) And even though I no longer live in the city, there’s no escaping the cold grips of a Midwest winter!

One activity my boys loved this summer was playing lemonade stand. Their idea, not mine! Together with their adorable cousins and friends, we set up our awesome Ikea market stand, a couple carafes of chilled pink lemonade and plastic cups. Then they hollered at anyone who walked the streets. They probably made less than $7.00 combined, but hey, who’s counting? Not too shabby for sleepy suburbia, and the good times (and photos!) were priceless!

How will you send-off summer this weekend? Hope it’s a beautiful one for ya!

chicago mommy fashion bloggerchicago mommy fashion blogger



What I Wore-

Dress and necklace are old but I’ve found similar items below.