NSFW (But It’s Not What You Think!)

New, Stylish, Feminine, Wearable. That’s definitely been my style M.O. for years, pre-kids and post-kids.

chicago mommy fashion blogger

Am definitely feeling NSFW and real summery in these looks here, much to my dismay that my favorite season is coming to a close. I’m a self-proclaimed dress hoarder. You know how with some women it’s shoes or bags? I’m into clothing, specifically dresses. The flirtier and trendier the better. (Bonus points if it’s breastfeeding-friendly!)

chicago mommy fashion blogger

Every season, I purge and donate half my closet to make room for new styles. I don’t spend a lot on each clothing item because, to me, it’s fun discovering trends and playing with new looks each year. After scrolling through my Instagram feed, I realize that I gravitate towards a specific silhouette – a fit and flare style is my favorite because it’s flattering on all body types. So while the easy, breezy appeal of a good dress makes it my ideal summer uniform, you can be sure that I’ll be taking this well into fall with some added layers. Stay tuned for a full post about transitioning your dress from summer-to-fall!

What’s your style M.O.? Are you in the NSFW category?

xo, Melissa

Denim and Fringe-The Perfect Marriage!


This week, the temperature has been around the mid 70’s, which is nice compared to the 90’s we’ve been getting (which I’m not complaining) so it’s getting me into the denim kinda mood. I’m so not ready for fall or winter.  Though I love fall fashion, I would love it more if the temperature stays in the 60’s! I am LOVING the 70’s trend and fringe so here’s my take on casual but yet flirty! I feel like we have maybe a few weeks of summerlike weather and into fall weather we go so I’m taking advantage of whatever’s left of summer dress season!

A lot of you have been asking me who’s been taking these photos since I’m usually the one behind the lens.  Typically, it’s the Giant.  A few times it’s been my sister-in-law including this shoot here.  Come winter when it’s already pitch black around 5ish when the Giant comes home from work, I don’t know what I’ll do.  Any photographers around the Arlington Heights area available for about 15-30 minutes a day to help shoot?



What I Wore

Denim overall dress  from Forever 21

Suede fringe sandals from Lulu’s

Chicago Diner en Blanc 2015

I admit, I’ve been planning for this evening’s fête for months and months.  Because we’re parents to three boys under four, we don’t get out much.  Lol.  So needless to say, I was beyond excited to attend this magical dinner for the second year.  You can read more about last year’s event here.  I was only a few months pregnant with Cole when we attended last year and it was still a secret (though a few were able to figure it out with my baby bump)!  Searching for that perfect dress is a lot of work!  Because of all the other Diner en Blancs that’s happening all around the world, that perfect white dress will get snatched up if you don’t hit the purchase button fast enough.  It was also tough for my postpartum frame to find anything that fits right since I only gave birth five months ago to Cole.  A small is too small and a medium is too large or long for my petite frame.  Thanks to Spanx, I was able to squeeze into this gorgeous peplum dress from Lulu’s!  So, so happy!!  To learn more about Diner en Blanc, click here.  Why oh why can’t we get dressed up like this weekly??

What I Wore

Dress from Lulu’s

Shoes from Steve Madden

Vintage clutch was my “something borrow” that my Mother in Law lent me that I have yet to give back.  Lol!!

Launching Melissa Takes Fashion

The idea behind Melissa Takes Fashion has been cooking for awhile. You see, as much as I’m around a camera (which is basically every day, because I’m a professional photographer), it’s not often the lens is turned around on me. After giving birth to my third bébé five months ago – and realizing that despite long days and even longer nights, I never once stopped my daily morning routine of hair and makeup – I decided to create a blog devoted to cultivating ‘modern day momma style’.

Often this blog is going to be about family, sometimes it’s about mom style or my beloved Chicago or my hair (I’m kinda obsessed), and often it’s just about life with kids and how you (and me) can make every single day, better. It’s simple, it’s honest and hopefully no matter what, a little sweet.

So that’s the skinny of it. You can read more about me (and other fun facts) right here. I’d love to hear what else you would like to see on the blog. And stay tuned – next week I’ll be featuring a special Instagram giveaway to my followers!

xo, Melissa