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    Christmas In Florida

    girl woman in diner short skirt baby

    Yes, you read right! We’re leaving tomorrow for two weeks of sunshine and flip flop weather! The boys can’t contain their excitements. They’re been counting down every single day for the past two weeks to see their grandsparents. They’re going to be spoiled rotten. For the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing me in summer dresses! I. Can’t. Wait!!

    We can’t decided if we’ll visit Mickey Mouse again. But for sure, Legoland is in the agenda. Any tips? How about favorite restaurants in the Orlando area to my foodie followers out there. I love food. Very, very much so therefore I’m sooooo not picky.

    See you all in Florida!

    girl woman in diner short skirt babygirl woman in diner short skirt babygirl woman in diner short skirt baby


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    Trainspotting With the Boys

    That 70's Look

    Both my Little G and LWG are obsessed with trains. It’s a good thing they love the same toys so we don’t have to double up on them. We live just blocks from the train station so we’ve taken so many trips there just to see the trains pass by. We’ve even brought our dinner there. Lol. It’s fun and FREE entertainment for the boys! Woo hoo. Anything to keep them quiet. On days where we have nothing plan, I’ll pack up the boys and schlep them into the city just to ride the “L” train. Another cheap entertainment for them that they love. It’s amazing how well behaved they are when we’re doing things they love.

    What do you do for fun with your kids that’s free or light on the wallet?

    That 70's LookThat 70's LookThat 70's LookThat 70's Look


    What I Wore-

    This top from Nasty Gal just recently sold out but you can get on the waiting list here. Here are some that are similar.

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    Back to School

    Pausing life to indulge in a #mommoment over here. Roman’s first day of back-to-school was yesterday and needless to say I might have gotten a wee bit choked up – my firstborn is heading back to school for the second year! I swear, he’s growing up in the blink of an eye. This year, Roman’s class is almost all boys, just the way he likes it, wild and crazy!

    I’ve had quite a few questions about how I manage to maintain my former identity (i.e. woman) with three little ones. Once you have children and are in constant mom-mode (you know, keeping alive your very own little humans), it’s easy to forget about yourself. I’ve found that it helps to pause, and ask yourself, what makes you feel good? Is it eating well? Going for a run? Finding time to have a glass of wine with your girlfriends or go on Date Night?

    For me, it’s as simple as starting each day with doing my hair and makeup and putting on a curated outfit. Having a little creative ‘me time’ sets the tone for my day before I head out the door and allows me to feel like myself – feminine, fresh and ready for fun! In my hot mom wheels with sliding doors, of course, a.k.a. stacked Toyota Sienna minivan. Off to preschool we go!

    How was your back-to-school? 

    What I Wore-



    Boots (old, but similar here)

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    That 70’s Look

    If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve read that I’ve enlisted my friend Tran to help take these photos this past weekend. I was shooting a boudoir marathon I was hosting and it was a gloomy and wet day so I wanted to be comfortable.  These jeans!  Oh my!!  They’re not only super comfortable (i.e not having to pull them up every 10 seconds and not having to worry about rocking a plumbers crack), they did a fantastic job hiding my muffin top!  Score!  Btw, the Giant totally made fun of these jeans.  He said and I quote “Why are you wearing granny jeans?  You’re going to regret that look next year.”  Pfffst!  What does he know about women fashion and trend!  Humph!

    What are your thoughts on the 70’s making a comeback in the fashion world?  Are you as excited about it as I am?

    Btw, I am fully aware I have to come up with new poses!  Ugh, I suck at this modeling thing!


    What I Wore-

    Cold shoulder top-Forever 21

    High-waisted denim-Forever 21