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    39 Trips Around The Sun

    mom to three turning 39

    Happiest birthday to me!!! I’ve taken 39 trips around the sun! How do I feel? Fantastic. Confident. Happy. Content. I feel like as I got older, I became more confident with myself and my body. To be honest, I feel like I look better now than I did when I was in my 20’s. How odd this that, huh? I guess growing up I always thought when I reach 40 or come closer to it, it’ll just go downhill. After three kids, my body has changed and guess what, I’m ok with that. I love my 39 year old self and body. Even with lack of sleep, I still love everything about my life and would never change it. I’m already looking forward to turning 40!

    mom to three turning 39

    These balloon pictures were taken over the weekend. We had to tie the ballons around the kids so it doesn’t fly away. They were acting soooo crazy the photos with them didn’t last very long. A minute or two tops. We then piled them back into the car. The number three balllon came undone from the string so I tied it back. A split second after the Giant started snapping my photos, the three balloon flew away. All we did was stood there and just laughed and laughed. So the Giant just kept shooting me holding just the nine balloon. I was in tears from laughing so hard. Maybe because last week for Cole’s birthday, I bought me a number one balloon that ALSO flew away not even seconds into his shoot. Lol. Oh well.

    mom to three turning 39mom to three turning 39mom to three turning 39mom to three turning 39mom to three turning 39mom to three turning 39mom to three turning 39

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    Winter Date Night Look

    winter date night look faux fur pencil skirt crop top

    Trying to look cute and stay warm when it’s in the single digits may be hard. As much as I love getting dressed up, sometimes the weather has other plans for me. We went out to the Fox and Turtle to kick off Chicago Restaurant Week. Because our sitter (my brother) couldn’t stay long, we couldn’t make it out to the city like I had planned. I’m so glad I didn’t wear this gorgeous silk dress like I had originally planned because even with this ensemble, I was VERY dressed up. Don’t know why but I had thought the restaurant was fancier but it was VERY casual with just a pricier menu. Don’t know why I was even shocked with the way people were dressed. I should be used to this by now (but I’m not). From dropping off Little G at school to the stores around here, yoga pant is not worn for its sole purpose, which is yoga! Sigh….I miss city living. I miss getting dressed up without looking like I’m out of place (not like I care what people think), which ultimately I am. winter date night look faux fur pencil skirt crop topwinter date night look faux furwinter date night look faux furwinter date night look faux fur

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    Tiny Steps, Ginormous Leap

    infant baby pre walker learning how to walk

    This little pre-walker has been taking tiny steps more and more each day. He can stand by himself for quite some time and loves to bounce and clap because he’s so proud of himself. These tiny precious steps have been so exciting around here and to see his face light up is just priceless. I’m predicting in a few weeks, he’ll be full fledged walking. Sigh….I want to still hold on to this babyhood.  I’m not quite ready chasing after a walker yet.

    infant baby pre walker learning how to walkinfant baby pre walker learning how to walkinfant baby pre walker learning how to walk

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    Not Your Typical Sweater Weather Inspo Post

    Sweater Weather_101215

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    PSA: This isn’t going to be your usual blogger sweater weather post. You won’t see too many cable knits and turtlenecks around here on Melissa Takes Fashion, but keep up with me and there WILL be lots of color and unexpected silhouettes (like the ones above) this coming winter season. You will think this sounds crazy – since I live in the Chicago tundra – but I hardly wear sweaters in the winter. Is your mind blown? Anyone else bored by sweaters? I prefer to keep warm by layering cute outerwear like blazers (ironically, this is the most Googled fashion item by Illinois residents), and cozy accessories like blanket scarves.

    When I do don a sweater, though, I have a few criteria.

    1. Wear what I call a “statement sweater.” You know, sweaters that crop it like it’s hot, how hi-lo can you go, and those that are business in the front, party in the back.
    2. It must be comfortable – not too thick, and definitely not itchy. Then have fun with layering!
    3. Wear color. Reach for a sweater that is not black, white, blush, or gray.
    4. Throw on a statement necklace to fancy it up.

    Go ahead, make it loud, make it proud – and wear those statement sweaters like you mean it. Happy (make a statement) sweater weather!