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    This past week has been a tough one for me and Little Wee G. We may be all smiles in these photos here, but the reality is there are many edited moments of life that don’t make it onto the blog. Parenting is SUPER hard – and parenting a strong-willed child is even 3x harder. I know that because my firstborn is a breeze by comparison! Many times my relationship with LWG brings me to tears and then I remember that he’s only two and that we have a long road ahead. His “Terrible Twos” seemed to happen literally overnight when he turned one. LWG was soooo good up until then, that I feel a little deceived in believing I had another mild child, when in reality I have a mini terrorist living in my house.

    Today was so awful that I resorted to shipping him off to my brother and sister-in-law for the day. (Ironically, I felt total mom guilt the minute I buckled him up and said goodbye.) I am lucky and blessed to have support during those times when I’m feeling desperate.

    What has been your roughest moment with your kiddos? And what do you to get past it?

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    Suede and Fringe, Girls Night Outfit Done Right!


    A rare girls night out but it was soooo much needed.We had so much fun and laughed till our bellies ached. Sometimes I get days where I feel like nothing I wear is right.  I literally decided on this jumpsuit minutes before leaving the house and I’m so glad I did because I’ve been wanting to wear this for some time already but just kinda forgot about it. The faux suede material is sooooo comfortable and light.  Shockingly, it also helped hide my pudge so huge bonus! A few of you had messaged me about these sandals from my last post so let’s also talk my platforms for a second!  They are over 5 inches tall and they’re my most comfortable heel to date. I wear them to death and wanted to buy extra pairs as backup but unfortunately, it’s no longer available. I know, I know, I totally just teased you. Because the bottom is made of cork, it gives you that extra cushion so it feels like you’re walking on tall pillows. Lol. I swear!!

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