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    Freezing In My Denim Dress

    denim dress fashion blogger

    This little fashionista froze her tiny butt off this very day. But looking cute on this biopolar Chicago weather day is a must! Why? Why not! We were heading to a birthday party and stopped by this alley for some quick pics and let me tell me, our typical three minute shoot was less than one. It wasn’t just cold, it’s was super windy, it was SNOWING, it was sunny, and it was cloudy. Four season in one day. Mother Nature working overtime!

    Happiest Thursday to you all! I’m off to my moms for dinner. Nom, nom, nom!


    denim dress fashion bloggerdenim dress fashion bloggerdenim dress fashion blogger

    Don’t forget! I’ve teamed up with Rocksbox to give you your first month for free! You pick what you like to wear, they send three of your picks for you to indulge for as long as you like! Winning! I seriously spent over an hour picking out tons and tons of eye candy to add to my wishlist. Check them out and let me know what you think! Oh and the code to received your first free months is: melissatakesfashionxoxo!

    denim dress fashion bloggerdenim dress fashion bloggerdenim dress fashion bloggerdenim dress fashion blogger

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    Mauve Mist in the Sunset

    girl woman dancing around spanish moss


    Hello from Florida. Sorry I’ve been a little MIA. We’ve been enjoying the Florida weather, except for one day when it turned 70 and Floridians freaked out by whipping out their jackets and pants. Lol. The kids are loving quality time with their grandparents and their daily golf cart rides. It’s amazing how a simple ride to pick up mail can get them so excited they’re jumping up and down like we’re offering them candy. There’s something about coming down here that always get us so tired. The Giant and I can’t ever figure it out. Maybe it’s the fresh air? We find ourselves going to bed earlier and earlier. Not complaining though, we’re getting some much needed rest!

    Till next time!

    girl woman dancing around spanish mossgirl woman dancing around spanish moss

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    A Hint of Autumn In The Air

    floral shift dress sunday's best-4

    Before taking both LWG and Cole for their check-up at the pediatrician (6 months and 2 year), we stopped by our old hood because Little G has been asking to play at that particular park. It’s one of the largest park in the city. Coming here makes me miss my city living even more. I know, I know, I talk about how much I miss my old stomping grounds, a lot, but I can’t help it! I miss my daily walks to the grocery store, the noise, the crowds, inner city traffic, just about everything!

    floral shift dress sunday's best-2floral shift dress sunday's best-3

    My LWG, photo bombing, as usual! Lol. This photo cracks me up because this is soooo him. Always doing what he’s not supposed to be doing and always adding humor to his mischiefs.

    floral shift dress sunday's best