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    To My Lucky Charm

    newborn baby fresh out of mom's womb

    Last Thursday, on St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrated my leprechaun’s 1st birthday. I was an emotional mess. I just can’t believe this happy bouncy baby boy is now one! I still remember meeting him for the first time in the delivery room like it was yesterday. I was laying on the delivery table shaking and sobbing as the Giant brought him over to me. Words can’t even describe how I feel. I know I’m going to welcome more milestones but I can’t help but mourn the loss of his babyhood. Since he walked pretty early, I felt like I didn’t get to enjoy watching him crawl. I’m going to miss cradling him and holding him on my hip. His baby smell, yes, he still has that baby smell. On top of missing his babyhood, I’m also mourning the fact that he’s our last baby. Try for another or a girl? No way! We are so done. We’re so outnumbered as is. So here’s goodbye to one amazing chapter and on to more beautiful memories. Thank you, my beatiful Cole, for being our greatest gift and completing our family of five. You’re perfect. 

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    I’m Raising Tasmanian Devils

    mother nursing breastfeeding baby in public normalize breastfeeding in public

    Parents with kids, do you ever feel like wherever you go, whether it’s the grocery store, a restaurant, or in this case from these series of photos, a bookstore, you feel like you want to forewarn everyone before your crazies enter the room to be prepare because they’re about to get hit hard. These kids of mine are like Tasmanian devils on speed. Coming to wreck the entire place while screaming as loud as humanly possible and doing it with a smile on their faces the entire time. Good thing we were here for a birthday party and the place was closed to the public because we didn’t see Rhys 60% of the time. Rhys was being Rhys. Likes to march to his very own drum. These photos of me nursing Cole, just seconds later, BOTH kids were climbing all over us not giving us even a second of peace. These kids! Just imagine the looks we receive when we’re out. I certainly don’t care when I get looks. Most of the time those looks are people laughing at how ridiculous they are. Thankfully, I haven’t gotten those judgy looks because the second I do, I won’t have a problem shoving my kids in their arms while I continue to do whatever it is I’m doing in peace! I’m not one of those that gets nervous when all eyes are on me. It’s the Aries in me. Lol. Don’t make me shove my kids your way! You’ll only be sorry. Lol

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    A Tender Breastfeeding Moment

    mom nursing baby photography

    I know I talk A LOT on Facebook and Instagram about how much I’m going to miss babyhood and nursing. Just today I was thinking about how much I’m going to miss those eyes looking up at me during our feeding and bonding sessions. I love how he occasionally smiles and laughs at me when I make faces at him. I love how he’ll stick his tiny fingers into my mouth so I can pretend to bit them off and he’ll laugh hysterically. He’s my last baby and I admit, I’m starting to get a little baby fever. Yes, we are for SURE done in the baby making department. The only way I’ll change my mind is if I can be 100% guaranteed it’ll be a girl but we all know that’s not possible. In just 1.5 months, this leprechaun of mine will turn one!! How is that even possible? I’m going to miss watching him crawl, I’m going to miss watching him bathe in his baby tub, I’m going to miss watching him learn how to walk. There’s just so much and I can go on and on. He’s made us so, so happy we can burst. Yes, having three kids under 5 is HARD WORK. It’s made me regret having three kids at times. I can admit to that. Almost every day I’m texting the Giant begging him to get his ass home from work pronto or else he’ll find the kids bound and gagged! But once my head is back in the right place and they screaming has ceased from the kids, I look at all three of them and it’s just pure love. My heart just swells. Love my crazies to pieces, even those they drive me mental!

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