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    Chicago Bleeding Hearts Love Wall-Chicago Fashion Blogger

    bleeding hearts wall chicago

    Best part about being a fashion blogger in Chicago? All the amazing places to shoot. Chicago is so beautiful, vibrant, busy, and so full of life. If you’ve ever visited Chicago, you’ll know why this city is my first love. If you’re ever visiting Chicago, don’t ever hesitate to contact me because I can talk about my city all day. Lol.

    This shoot here was taken at my favorite neighborhood, Wicker Park. I love that this James Goldcrown bleeding hearts graffiti wall is everywhere (New York, Texas). I read somewhere it’s one of the most Instagrammable photo. Pre-kids, the Giant and I used to spend the afternoon just people watching around here. Nowadays, we spend our people watching at the playground. Lol. So I’ve told you what I love about my city. Tell me what you love about yours?

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    I Think I’m Ready For Fall


    chicago petite fashion blogger


    Hi everyone! I know most bloggers have been blogging their fall fashion for a month already. Me, not so much. Lol. It hasn’t exactly kicked in yet for me. I took a week off of blogging last week for a much needed break. I was mentally exhausted and also mourning the loss of summer. I love summer and I’m living in the wrong region. Lol. 

    I have two kids in school during the week so I can’t really travel far during the weekday mornings like we normally would. By this time every year I have already hit every pumpkin patch with the kids so I feel like I’m missing out on the fall activities. I can’t even catch up on weekends because I’m booked to shoot every weekend. Busy, busy till we leave for Mexico in three weeks. Woo hoo!

    I’m finally catching up to some looks I wore last month that I never got around to blogging. There will be more to come later this week. This look can easily be transitioned to fall by throwing a denim jacket over it or a light cardigan. What are some of your favorite fall activities?

    Till next time!

    dsc_9086dsc_9076chicago fashion bloggerchicago fashion bloggerchicago fashion bloggerchicago fashion blogger

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    Say No To Mom Chop!

    trendy mom haircuts hairstyles

    I know, I know, I haven’t gotten around to doing a hair video tutorial but it’s coming, promise! I said this before bit I’m kinda scared about creating one. Why? Because I hate the sound of my own voice in a video! It’s soooo annoying! Does that happen to you? Like you cringe when you hear yourself speak in a recording whether it’s on the phone or video?

    Let’s talk mom chop for a second. I know a LOT of moms do chop off their beautiful locks once they have kids. I get it. It’s soooo much easier and faster to get ready. You don’t have kids pulling on it, it’s not always on your face or just hanging everywhere and on a hot day, well, it can be very hot and annoying. I do sometimes look at shorter cuts and I love the look of it and have been tempted to do the chop but I know me. I ultimately still love it long and flowy. My Giant has been daring me to cut it for years. I tell him, “Do you realize how many women pay to have extensions just to have my type of hair?!?!” He just blinks, stares, and just lost because he has zero clue what I’m talking about. As of now, I can envision myself being in my 60’s with long hair….though I’ve never met anyone at that age with long hair. Have you? Maybe I’ll change my mind years from now but I feel like if I’ve survived the hardships of babyhood and has managed to keep my long locks, it’ll be around for the long haul.

    I’ve attached the steam rollers I use to style my hair. I love them and have been using them for the past three years. I find that these rollers keep my hair not only healthy because it uses steam but keep my curls in place the longest because I have super thick hair. I highly recommend them!

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    Show Me Some Shoulder

    free people show me some shoulder top

    Hope you all had a great weekend! Mother Nature blessed us again with great weather over the weekend so of course I have to whip out of my spring trends. It’s rare to say this but this weekend was pretty chill. Meaning we weren’t running around like crazy and got to just wing it. I was even able to meet my girlfriend in the city, sans kids, and spent FIVE glorious hours by myself. More on that another day.

    Btw, if you entered the Krusteaz giveaway last week, the winner has been chosen. Go here to find out if you’d won!

    free people show me some shoulder topfree people show me some shoulder top