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    Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise

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    Maui Ocean Center Review + $550 PayPal Giveaway

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    Kapalua Ziplines Maui Review


    kapalua ziplines maui

    It’s been a month since we’ve been back from our epic vacation in Maui. We did so many excursions and activities while we were there. One of my fondest memories was my solo trip zip-lining with Kapalua Ziplines. The Giant had already gone back home to Chicago and I vowed I wasn’t stepping off the island till I went zip-lining. I researched many companies before deciding on Kapalua. I haven’t done any adrenaline rushing fun since before I gave birth to Roman so I wanted to go big. I can’t even begin to tell you the crazy fun I had at Kapalua Ziplines.

    I wanted to record my adventure but didn’t have time to purchase a GoPro camera since this excursion was booked last minute. Before getting to Kapalua Ziplines, I stopped by an ABC store to see if I could find anything I could use. That’s when I spotted a selfie stick with a wrist strap. Kapalua Zipline’s policy is as long as there’s a wrist strap on your phone, you are allowed to use it for video recording. I realized when I got there that the camera button didn’t work so I just made due by using the timer function if I needed to take a selfie. This was my first time owning a selfie stick and boy was it so much fun!!!! I didn’t have to bother anyone! Freedom!!!! They do take photos of you throughout the day but the photographer in me likes being in control of my own photos.

    Once I got to Kapalua Ziplines, my group did a safety briefing before hopping onto the van to take us to the ATV. The ATV ride up the mountain to our first line was muddy but I don’t think anyone signed up for this expecting to stay clean. There are seven zip lines total. Hands down my favorites were 3,5, and 7. Each line, the view was very lush and picturesque. At one point it started to drizzle, which was kinda refreshing when you’re zipping through with rain tapping on your face on a hot summer day. They gave us raincoats that we all had tied around our waists so we stayed dry. At the halfway point, we took a break to snack on energy bars and pineapples.

    Overall, the trip was just amazing. Of all the ziplines I’ve done in the past, I definitely felt Kapalua Ziplines was hands down the safest.

    I can’t wait to go back next year and bring the Giant. This was definitely my fondest memory of my time in Maui. I can’t recommend Kapalua Ziplines enough. I booked this trip through Maui Activities which also owns Ohana Fun Hawaii are also the ones that booked my trip to Molokini with my mom. You can read about that here. I know there are MANY booking companies out there for these activities so it can get overwhelming. I had such a great experience with Ohana Fun Hawaii and Maui Activities. Booking your excursions and activities with them is a must!

    These photos were taken with my iPhone so please excuse the not so great quality


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    A Day At Spa Montage Kapalua Bay Hawaii


    spa montage kapalua bay

    My mom was quite excited about another spa day. We had a spa day a few weeks ago at the Olavine Spa and she didn’t stop talking about that experience for weeks. The Spa Montage is a totally different experience. The most obvious is the picturesque view beyond the front desk. My mom is very expressive so seeing the look on her face when she walked into the beautiful luxurious spa was priceless. So I knew this was just going to blow her mind.

    We were given a full tour of the facility before deciding where to start the relaxation. My mom chose the workout room. lol. She walked up a treadmill because she’s never used one before. It was quite hysterical seeing her on one. We spent some time in the eucalyptus steam room before taking a dip into the cascading therapeutic waterfall hot tub. I left my mom for a bit to check on the rest of the family at the beach. As I walked away, I turned back to see my mom with her head back in the hot tub. I had to stop to snap a picture of that moment because it truly was priceless. My mom works 50+ hours a week. She’s the type that just can’t relax because she’s always taking care of others. She’s always the last to eat because she wants to make sure everyone’s fully fed before she can focus on herself. So to see her, fully indulging, was incredulous. When I came back a few hours later, I thought for sure she’d be waiting on pins and needles because I never told her how long I’d be. I was shocked to find her inside the eucalyptus steam room, relaxing!!! That made me so so happy to see that. My heart was so full leaving Spa Montage. Full because I knew my mom had the most amazing experience that she’ll never forget. I can’t speak enough about our time at the Montage Kapulua Bay. From our delicious breakfast to ending our day at the spa and beach, it was just epic.

    spa montage kapalua bayspa montage kapalua bayspa montage kapalua bayspa montage kapalua bayspa montage kapalua bayspa montage kapalua bay

    spa montage kapalua bayspa montage kapalua bay