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    Family Night In with Meijer


    Chilly nights got you holed up inside? Light up those fires and cozy up to some steamy hot cocoa, because I recently teamed up with the retailer Meijer to show you how to create a fun family night in with the kiddos. (It involves lots of snacks.) Head on over to my guest post on Meijer’s style blog to get a peek at what it’s like in my household when we actually stay in for a change! MeijerStyle.com focuses on fashion, beauty and home décor trends, and you can get any of the products featured at your local Meijer store.


    And as a bonus to my loyal readers, here are some extra Melissa Takes Fashion-approved ideas on making Family Night In fun:

    Rig up a fort indoors. Drape sheets and pillows, then project movies on the wall, and kick back with popcorn and treats.

    Play show and tell. Each family member chooses an item and tells all about it. This is great for growing storytellers!

    Play freeze dance. Pump up the music and then when it stops, everyone has to freeze.

    Make a family cookbook for kids. Ask your kids for their favorite meals, then type up the recipes and print it out. Organize it all into a book or binder, and bonus points if you snap photos of the prepared meals as you make them to include in the book.

    Don’t forget to drop a comment on MeijerStyle.com and let us know what other creative parenting tips you have for a successful night in!

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    Show Me Some Shoulder

    free people show me some shoulder top

    Hope you all had a great weekend! Mother Nature blessed us again with great weather over the weekend so of course I have to whip out of my spring trends. It’s rare to say this but this weekend was pretty chill. Meaning we weren’t running around like crazy and got to just wing it. I was even able to meet my girlfriend in the city, sans kids, and spent FIVE glorious hours by myself. More on that another day.

    Btw, if you entered the Krusteaz giveaway last week, the winner has been chosen. Go here to find out if you’d won!

    free people show me some shoulder topfree people show me some shoulder top

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    I’m Raising Tasmanian Devils

    mother nursing breastfeeding baby in public normalize breastfeeding in public

    Parents with kids, do you ever feel like wherever you go, whether it’s the grocery store, a restaurant, or in this case from these series of photos, a bookstore, you feel like you want to forewarn everyone before your crazies enter the room to be prepare because they’re about to get hit hard. These kids of mine are like Tasmanian devils on speed. Coming to wreck the entire place while screaming as loud as humanly possible and doing it with a smile on their faces the entire time. Good thing we were here for a birthday party and the place was closed to the public because we didn’t see Rhys 60% of the time. Rhys was being Rhys. Likes to march to his very own drum. These photos of me nursing Cole, just seconds later, BOTH kids were climbing all over us not giving us even a second of peace. These kids! Just imagine the looks we receive when we’re out. I certainly don’t care when I get looks. Most of the time those looks are people laughing at how ridiculous they are. Thankfully, I haven’t gotten those judgy looks because the second I do, I won’t have a problem shoving my kids in their arms while I continue to do whatever it is I’m doing in peace! I’m not one of those that gets nervous when all eyes are on me. It’s the Aries in me. Lol. Don’t make me shove my kids your way! You’ll only be sorry. Lol

    mother nursing breastfeeding baby in public normalize breastfeeding in publicmom reading to toddler boy sonmom reading to toddler boy sonmom reading to toddler boy sonmom reading to toddler boy sonmoment of peace at a bookstore staring out the windowmoment of peace at a bookstore staring out the windowfamily of five at a bookstore

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    How I Survive With Three Kids

    mom feeding baby

    mom feeding baby

    I get asked time and time again how I manage to leave the house every day with three kids and how is it I can find ways to keep them entertained during these long winter months. First, coffee. After that, I’m go, go, go in order to keep me sane. Here’s a sample timeline from the start of the day till the Giant gets home from work.

    6:30am-Cole wakes and the other two typically minutes after. The Giant will typically get them started with breakfast while I stay in bed for another 10

    7:30am-Kids finishing off breakfast and changed

    7:45am-I hit the shower, typically with Cole in the bathroom with me. Make-up and hair while the kids are watching tv or playing downstairs and Cole is with me destroying the bathroom.

    9am-By this time, either Cole naps at home or if I’m heading to the city, Cole will nap in the car during this time. If he naps at home, I have some extra time to continue getting ready. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Littel G has preschool so I’ll be leaving at 8:55am to take him to school.

    10am-12pm-This is when I have to find creative ways to keep the crazies entertained. I get asked A LOT what is it I do. It’s usually the followings.

    • playdates about 2-3x a week
    • go into the city to ride the”L” train (super cheap)
    • indoor play places
    • take them out for a walk or play outside. even if it’s only for 30 minutes, it helps breaks up the day
    • mall to let them run around the play area
    • train station by us and eat lunch there while waiting for the trains to go by
    • library

    1pm-nap time. I sometimes nap with them too. If I’m not, I’m for sure relaxing because I’m mentally beat by now

    3pm-leave the house again and keep them entertained till the Giant comes home from work at 5:30pm.


    Hope this timeline makes sense and is somewhat helpful. This is just a tiny glimpse on how I manage my crazy life. I can’t stress it enough, it’s MORE stressful for me to be at home with three kids than to be out and about. I’m either cleaning more or they’re fighting. No thank you! It’s VERY rare but I do sometimes stay home (bad weather, sickness, etcand when I do, I’m not ashamed to admit this but the television will have to do to entertain themI’m open to ideas on what works for you moms as well! Would love to hear how you amazing moms out there does it!



    mom feeding babymom feeding babymom feeding babymom feeding baby